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Have you, a friend or loved one been arrested for a crime?
Stopped and charged with driving under the influence?
Hit with a restraining order, thrown out of your home?
Under investigation by the authorities?

Experience Matters.  Together, we have 50 years of experience.

Compassion – for our clients, their families and other participants in the criminal justice system – this is what drives us to read one more case, write one more letter, craft one more argument, stay up one more hour.

We are committed – to achieve a better outcome for our clients – and through public service, to make the justice system work better for all.

Our team consists of two compassionate and highly experienced attorneys, who focus their practice on:

We are dedicated to what we do – we have been doing this work, representing clients charged with crimes, for decades.

We listen to your side of the story.  We view with skepticism, everything that is being thrown at you.  We have cross-examined hundreds of witnesses who distort, exaggerate and sometimes out-and-out lie to advance their own self-interest.

We are here for you.

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On this website, you can learn about what we do, read about our many victories in criminal casesDWI cases, and appeals, and learn about how to select a criminal defense lawyer who is skilled, highly experienced, and dedicated to you.

And, you can read some of our client testimonials here.  You can find many more on websites such as which clients have posted on their own, without any editing or screening on our part.

Ted Lothstein: Concord,  NH

Concord, NH DWI defender, criminal defense, and appeals lawyer Ted Lothstein has achieved precedent-setting victories that have been reported in the Concord Monitor, Boston Globe, Nashua Telegraph, and in the national Criminal Law Reporter.  ted headshotHe has successfully defended DWI cases in nearly every district court across the State, has represented hundreds of clients charged with felonies ranging from burglary to aggravated assault to homicide in most of NH’s superior courts, and represents clients accused of serious federal crimes in the United States District Court.

Richard Guerriero, Keene, NH

Keene NH criminal defense lawyer  Richard Guerriero represents defendants in criminal cases, including trials, appeals and post-conviction challenges, in all NH Courts.  richard headshotHe is one of the few criminal defense attorneys in the country to have been awarded the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ coveted Champion of Justice award in two different States, including New Hampshire.  Richard Guerriero recently received national attention as one of New Hampshire’s few attorneys to have argued a case in the United States Supreme Court. Perry v. New Hampshire, 132 S.Ct. 716 (2012).

Ted Lothstein and Richard Guerriero are a seasoned pair of NH attorneys who have fought on behalf of thousands of clients in New Hampshire’s District Courts and Superior Courts, and have handled over 100 appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Their firm, Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC, provides the highest quality representation — dedicated, compassionate, and client-centered in state and federal court.

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